Finding reliable financial advice is extremely difficult, especially if you are a young adult with little experience when it comes to taking out loans, paying taxes, or budgeting your income. We, at The Citizen aim to help you not only make sense of an economy that is constantly changing but also give you the tools needed to give you financial stability. Our specialists offer informative articles that explain the various types of debt that you may encounter during your lifetime, guides to help you get through different transactions and bank-related affairs, and much more.

We use our experience to help kickstart your financial life and make it as easy as possible to understand essential concepts such as term loans, lines of credit, mortgages, cosigning, and credit score. Through our guides, we offer a complete education in terms of how to manage your finances. This having been said, we believe that the best way to help guide you is by looking at the particular cases that you are likely to encounter over the course of your life. We also tackle subjects that are useful to understand early on, such as how you can divert more of your income to your retirement fund.